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Micom RM125

Photo of Micom RM 125

Model: M91AMN0KV5-K with Option G638

The Micom-RM125 base station is a MIL-STD-188-141B certified system comprised of the Micom-3T (M91AMNOKV5-K) with FPN5590 auto-switching power supply and FLN2294 continuous duty tray, all contained in a 19" rack mountable case. The system is rated at 125 watts PEP/average output and easily handle continuous duty data requirements as well as voice, and comes with a desk microphone. Meets or exceeds NTIA specifications and FCC Part's 15, 80 and 90. A multiple accessory interface junction box is included with the system to facilitate adding various modems, power amplifiers, phone patches or other devices. Order as model M91AMN0KV5-K with G638 base station operation option.



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