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Micom Z

Photo of Micom RM1200
Micom-Z is a state-of-art family of adaptive HF/SSB radio sets designed to meet the demanding requirements of the operational environment. Using advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques, Micom-Z offers reliable long-range communication for voice, data, and telegraphy (CW) using upper sideband (USB), lower sideband (LSB), amplitude modulation equivalent (AME), and pilot modes of operation.

Micom-Z radio sets provide a complete solution to traditional HF communication problems while allowing user-friendly, easy operation even for unskilled users. Micom-Z radio sets have been specifically designed to satisfy all the needs of short, medium and long range communication in the crowded HF band.


*The Micom Z was developed for global humanitarian agencies and is not as of yet FCC type approved.





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