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Royal Communications International is a leading provider of state-of-the-art land-mobile two-way radio and HF SSB radio equipment, networks and services to global markets that include government, industrial, utility, public safety, emergency services and commercial users.

Dave Carothers, a former Motorola International Sales Manager, established Royal Communications International “RCI” in 1988. RCI is a certified small business located in Oceanside, CA. Since its inception, the company has grown to become a recognized industry leader in the design and supply of land-mobile and long range two-way HF SSB radio communication systems to customers around the world. We have worked with most U.S. Federal Government Agencies and have teamed up with several U.S. Prime Contractors.

Royal Communications’ core expertise includes a series of HF transceivers to meet any mixture of portable, mobile and base station requirements. Our Single Side-Band radio communication products take long range SSB technology to a whole new level. The Micom is a state-of-the-art HF radio family designed to meet the 21st century requirements. The Micom is a software defined radio (SDR). Implementation of the latest technological breakthroughs in digital signal processing allows reliable HF voice and data communications while making operation simple and easy even for unskilled operators.  The Micom product line meets or exceeds all the existing MIL Type and STANAG standards for wave form, interoperability as well as all operational environments.

At Royal Communications International, our mission is to ensure that our customers receive prompt service and sound technical advice for their long range radio systems.

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